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About Eric Kaplan

At Summit Health and Fitness we are dedicated to helping our clients achieve a healthy life through empathy, knowledge, and communication. We understand it can be difficult to find the time or energy to work-out and eat right after a long day. Sifting through the mountains of information on the internet or media regarding health can be intimidating and challenging. Knowing how, why, and when to use all that information can be overwhelming, leading to mental exhaustion or giving up before you even begin. We will help you create solutions to those problems, begin an efficient and effective routine, and motivate you to keep going when it gets tough. The path to a healthy life is best taken with a teammate that can guide you to success. We want to be on your team! (We want you on our team!)

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Workout Classes

Our classes focus on specialized workouts in a small group setting. We keep the numbers limited so that everyone gets the most attention possible. We offer classes for beginners and experts and are constantly evaluating the popularity and intensity to ensure you get the most effective and fun workout.

Total body Conditioning
Core & cardio

I met Eric after I had orthopedic surgery and my physical therapy sessions were coming to an end.  Even though I am strong, I have my limitations.  I have been working with Eric for the past two months.  I am so impressed with this young man.  He is well organized, patient, and quite considerate.  He spends a great deal of time designing the perfect exercise plan for each individual based on their needs.  I could not recommend Eric more.  So, if you're serious, please contact him to get on a healthier path and enjoying your life again!








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